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gstreamer multistream

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I have looked at gstreamer before, and now, I wanted something more specific. As part of a video project, I want to be able to record myself and a presentation on screen.

This first thing I (re-)found, was the live from pluto example. I want something similar.

basic_ideaI built a stream that functionally combines two video streams and an audio stream.

  • Laptop camera: This is a generic v4l2 device
  • Desktop recording: A predefined part of the screen
  • Microphone audio: From alsa

For this to work, we needed some parts:

  • record from USB camera
  • video stream splitter
  • storing to file
  • combining video
  • combining video and audio

And I also want to do dynamic changes to the stream, but that is for later.

Recording, storing to file and splitting streams are discussed in my previous posts here and here.


Combining it to a stream

The resulting script looked like this.


There are some synchronization issues, and it would be good to store files using some compression.


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August 24, 2015 at 12:00

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