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At the office, we like one-liners…

Manipulating PCAPs

We had a need for working with lots of 150 MB PCAP files.

mergecat -a *.pcap -w - | tcpdump -r - -w router.pcap -n host

Don’t forget the -a if you have lots of data, otherwise it will parse all files before piping data to tcpdump.


How to generate PCAP listing

This is not a cool one-liner, but I use something like this to get an overview of the PCAPs.

capinfos -T -m -Q mycapture.pcap


Csv file manipulation

Normal people would probably import the file into a spreadsheet.

tail -n +2 pcaplisting.txt | cut -f4 | paste -sd+ | bc

Sum all values from column 4 except the first line.



Some of our tools gives us files with IP addresses, so automating lookup is relevant.

for ip in $(tail -n +2 datafile.csv | cut -d ',' -f2); do echo -n "$ip "; dig -x $ip +short; done

Generate a list of IP address combined with the reverse DNS name. The IP addresses come from the second column of the datafile, and excludes the first line.





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