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I got a Hexbug spider as a present last month. It is a very cool gadget indeed.

Hexbug spiderIt just a very simple piece of electronics and plastic, but with some (for me) interesting features.

The most striking for me is that it has a similar kind of simple control of the bot as the “Cars” cars I mentioned in a previous post. It basically means that I want to hack the remote and use a camera to track the robot. It is bright blue, so it should be doable.

The other thing is the mechanical part. There is a motor, which turns in either one way or the other – no speed control – and based on how the “head” is turned the legs move differently making the bug move in the direction the red mark is pointing. It might be something from robot mechanics 101, but it is a first for me – I searched for Youtube clips that showed the internals of the robot to illustrate it, but apparently people just like it as a robot not a mechanical marvel đŸ™‚

Also, searching for Hexbug hacks, yields some interesting results:

And a last on just because I really like vision systems.

I really must find the time to work on this ..

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July 17, 2013 at 09:00

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