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Solidoodling a Nexus 7 stand

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I got a Nexus 7 tablet, among other thing I want to use it for Skype conversations, that will require some sort of stand. Otherwise the receiver will see unstable images, which (apparently) is nauseating.

I decided that this was a good test case for Solidoodling something useful. As mentioned in an earlier post, we are currently test an Solidoodle 2 3D printer.

We set up an Apple desktop machine and connected the Solidoodle device. The setup instructions on the solidoodle homepage are quite clear. For me the most difficult part was to get into the Mac OS logic, like how to find files and where to click. We tested it, but most new machines is 64 bits, so assume that first unless you have old hardware.

The process is simple

  • Set the solidoodle heater to 195 degrees and the bed temperature to 95
  • Find the thing you want to print on thingiverse (or make something yourself)
  • Open the stl file in the pronterface program
  • Wait for the printer to be heated.
  • Print it.

A simple search on thingiverse gave me some choice in which stand I wanted. I opted for this one. It took 46 minutes to print it. The end result was good and it works.

Some hindsight comments

  • The angle is too steep. This design might be better.
  • The Solidoodle printer cannot print in any angle. The backwards sloping parts appears to be the steepest is can handle.
  • I got some loose threads. It may relate to bad temperatures, plastic issues or whatever – I don’t have a solution for that.
  • The sides of the thing shows all the layers, and  I decide to check if I could make it smooth – I used an iron, like you would with children’s beads. It seems to be a good idea, but I definitely needs some practice.

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April 1, 2013 at 09:00

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