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Today we did our first tests we a Solidoodle 2 3D printer. It was a good success and we succeeded in printing something the first evening.

The device

The Solidoodle 2nd generation is a standard 3D printer. As opposed to something like the Ultimaker, it was prebuild and once we got the power supply delivered also, it just worked.

Another difference is that we are using ABS instead PLA for the extrusion. Go here for a quick comparison.

The first issue was how to connect the power supply. I got the solution here (in post #8). Blue at the bottom, black on top. See picture below to be certain.

Second issue was the initial filament in the machine.

  • Remove remaining filament by reverse extrusion. You cannot push it using new filament.
  • Open the head, and remove it using whatever you have that resembles tweezers.

Software and tests

On the Solidoodle homepage, they have a list of relevant how-tos. As one of the suggestion on the install software howto, we installed the Pronterface software from the Solidoodle-v4.2.zip package on a Linux machine, and that was straight forward.

The interface is simple, once you learn to “set” the temperature and that Z+ means that the platform moves down.

To test the printer, we used the perimeter width/t tester from The Essential Calibration Set at thingiverse.com. An important note is that the center of the grid on-screen is not the center of the platform, and you want to print your item at the center of the platform. The effect is that you only see 1/4 of the model in the lower left side of the screen.

We were working in a fairly cold room, and in the beginning without the casing, so the ambient temperature was working against us. It works better when the cabinet is warm. The final iteration that worked used a bed temperature of 67 degrees Celsius and a heater temperature of 191 degrees. It took around 14 minutes to print the perimeter width/t tester.



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February 20, 2013 at 13:00

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