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Surveyor software

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I have worked on a python program to replace the stock python web example from the surveyor homepage.


The software is web-based and is using a java applet to show images. It didn’t work well for me and my chrome browser. Also, I wanted to combine it with a joystick to control it.

Working with the robot revealed some issues, especially related to the communication. Two things are very annoying. The first is that the protocol does not have a termination sign, which means the programs relies on timeouts to know it got all the data. Not much to do about it unless I want to rebuild the firmware (which should be possible according to the software download page)

The second thing is the lack of information related to the quality of the wireless connection. The download page refers to a utility from Maxstream, but that company doesn’t exist anymore, and it appears that digi is the company to look into. It could be really nice to have a quality meter of the wireless, otherwise you have no way of knowing if your problems are interference related.


Current features and todos

The official location is on github. The program is still rough, but I am planning on doing improving it so the robot can be used for some sort of game for my students.

  • Simple GUI interface (called GUI/wxSrvCamThread.py). It using pygame for joystick events and wWidgets for the main window. It works nicely 🙂
  • Simple test CLI (called srvCLI.py)
  • Serial interface class and a thread safe wrapper class.
  • Todos include more robust event handling, proper shutdown, larger image, wireless quality meter and probably a lot more.
  • More credits and links. Please tell me, if you find any omissions.
  • It is GPL’ed but I have not written that anywhere 🙂

This is about the version as of Dec 12, 2012 (github link).



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  1. […] then the pygame programming took over. I have used pygame before to get events from my game pad to control a robot, and I wanted to work with the graphical […]

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