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SDID 1010 fail

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We found an SDID 1010 in a drawer, and I decided to take a look.

The device

I have only ever used SD mass storage devices, so I was curious as to how this device worked.

It is an SDIO card capable of NFC and RFID. Our access cards at work uses the Mifare standard which the device supports, so I got my hopes up 🙂

Inserting it into my laptop yields:

Nov 15 20:54:55 monlennart kernel: [ 3594.690258] mmc0: new SDIO card at address 0001
Nov 15 20:54:55 monlennart kernel: [ 3594.702283] mmc0:0001:1: need info on UART class basic setup
Nov 15 20:54:55 monlennart kernel: [ 3594.702287] sdio_uart: probe of mmc0:0001:1 failed with error -38

It is detected as an SDIO card, and the module sdio_uart tries to talk to it, but fails with error -38, and the diode on the card turns off. I was unable to find anything useful about that error.

I tried the device in my other Linux machines and they just think it is a mass storage device without any partitions or data space. Apparently, a lot of SD card reader only supports SD mass storage and not SDIO.


Trawling the net, I only found relevant stuff on SDID homepage and their forum. They were quite explicit about not doing Linux support. No nothing elsewhere – if you have any good links, please tell me.

My personal conclusion is that this device is too old and too little used me to get it working on Linux. Perhaps I can convince a Windows user to test it.


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November 16, 2012 at 09:00

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