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USB stick backup

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A student of mine made a Windows 7 install USB stick. It requires a running windows 7, and I have no intention of redoing it – so I back up the stick for later use 🙂

As mentioned in this blog, I back up sticks using dd and gzip.

dd if=/dev/sdc1 bs=4M | gzip -c > Win7_InstallUsb.img.gz

You can test by dd’ing the other way. It is an 8 GB USB stick with 3.1 GB in use and the zipped image file is 7.1 GB! I found that to be too big for my taste.

In order to reduce the size, the trick is to zero fill the available part of the disk, and delete the file afterwards.

cd /media/WinUSB
dd if=/dev/zero of=ALotOfZeroes.txt BS=4M
rm ALotOfZeroes.txt

Redo the dd and gzip

dd if=/dev/sdc1 bs=4M | gzip -c > Win7_InstallUsb2.img.gz

and comparing the result.

$ ls -lh
total 9.9G
-rw-r--r-- 1 moz moz 2.9G Oct 29 21:32 Win7_InstallUsb_2.img.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 moz moz 7.1G Oct 29 21:11 Win7_InstallUsb.img.gz

We just saved 4.2 GB of backup space. I suspect the compressed image size is the same should we choose to use a 16 GB stick.


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