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Open source days 2011

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Yesterday, I attended this years Open Source days in Copenhagen. It was my first time at Open source days, and definitely not the last. It was fun to meet and listen to what Open Source people had to say. I had decided to follow community track, since that is my primary area of interest these days. Maybe these open soucers had some brilliant idea of how I may use their community experiences to motivate my students. That would be interesting indeed.

More information on Open Source days, may be found on their homepage. Everywhere people were mentioning twitter and Facebook – it might be relevant if I want to do community stuff.

The opening keynote speaker was Colin Percival, who was talking about his efforts in making FreeBSD run on Amazon EC2. Since I use neither FreeBSD nor Amazon EC2, it was fairly off-topic for me, but it reminded me of clouds. It is something that we need to get into with the student. There was talks on clouds, but I didn’t hear them since I followed the community track. I found his blog here and twitter.

Next was Noirin Shirley with a talk on how open source saves the world. It is a big title. I always enjoy hearing people talk about stuff they really really find to be cool. It was obvious from the start that she thinks that Open Source and crowdsourcing are the way to go. She spoke of the ushahidi project and its use in disaster management it appears to be a project worth a link. I found her blog here and twitter.

Ryan Ozimek was next with a talk on how it works a Joomla. He is an energetic american, who suffered a bit from jet lag. Anyway, it was interesting to hear about the bumps on the road for Joomla. There was a point when he started mentioning “mission”, “vision” and “value”, that I thought I was in a bad dream – we are going through that at my school, and it is boring, abstract and utterly not useful for me in my daily work. If he is right that they are important concepts for a successful community, I ought to look at it again…I was unable to find a personal blog, but he is (surprise, surprise) on twitter.

From the fedora project was ambassador Rober Scheck. He talked about the structure of Fedora community and their relationship with Red hat. Red hat apparently saw that they had to tap into a community of volunteers in order to stay in business. From the outside, it seems like a plausible business model to divide the company into the community part (Fedora) and the business part (red hat enterprise Linux). I found his homepage here (it is in german).

The last of my community track was a talk by Mads Doré of DoreDevelopment. He has taken his company into the open source world, and he seems to be enjoying it. In this talk he was focussing on the open source project oe-lite. It is a derivative of open-embedded which I have tried (and failed) to used in an embedded project some years ago. I think that it is relevant for my students to use this, but we have to look at it in greater detail – like locating the wiki part of the site.

Then I switched to Peter Makholm and a hands-on talk about how to destroy your installation… His blog is here and identi.ca.

The closing keynote was a very entertaining talk by Paul Fenwick. It was fun (and not open source related). I located his homepage and twitter.

Closing thoughts:

  • Most of these people have day jobs and do this work on a voluntary basis without getting paid. I find this to be very cool.
  • What is the difference between twitter and identi.ca?
  • I need to look into this community and crowdsourcing thing some more.




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